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Kinnow Mandarin
Citrus fruits have special importance due to their distinct flavors and therapeutic values. These are rich in Vitamin C with fair amounts of Vitamin A & B. Besides this, they are rich source of minerals (Calcium, phosphorus and Iron). The juice is very refreshing, delicious and soothing. Pakistan is among the top thirteen citrus producing countries of the world.

"Kinnow is a citrus cultivar of mandarin. It is a hybrid of two citrus cultivars; "King" and "Willow Leaf" and is classified as kinnow mandarin. It was first introduced from California – USA to the Punjab Agricultural College and Research Institute, Lyallpur (Now University of Agriculture, Faisalabad, Punjab, Pakistan) in the Sub-continent in 1943-44. This "easy peeler" citrus has assumed special economic importance and export demand being acknowledged for its high juice content, special flavor, delicious taste and. “Nutritional Compositions which are equally benefited for all age groups.
Kinnow Season
Kinnow Season

Kinnow Season remains open every year from November 15, to April 15.


Harvesting, Sorting, Sweet & Treated Water Washing, Drying, Waxing, Grading, Packing / Packaging, Pre – Cooling are the most common processes which are being practiced.

Kinnow Size / Counts
Kinnow Size / Counts

Kinnow grain size consist on 55mm to 90mm which can be distributed in 8 different grades further can be packed in 06, 08, 10 & 13kg Export Worthy, Food graded Corrugated Cartons.

Packing Available
Packing Available

06, 08, 10, 13kg in Export Worthy, Food graded Corrugated Cartons. Buyer’s specific requirement can also be entertained.

Shelf Life / Export

After processing kinnow can be survived for 50 to 60 days and shipped in refrigerated (temperature controlled) containers.


Middle East - Far East - Iran - Europe - Russia
Central Asian Countries

Pakistani Kinnow Nutritional Composition

  • Acidity (%)01.11
  • Juice Content47.50
  • Non-reducing Sugars (%)06.09
  • Reducing Sugars (%)04.22
  • Total Soluble Solids (%)12.74
  • Total Sugars (%)10.92
  • Vitamin - C (mg/100gm)20.29

Pakistani Kinnow’s Salient Characteristics

  • Easy Peeler.
  • High Juice Content.
  • Rich source of Vitamin ‘C’.
  • Highly Flavored & Aromatic.
  • Delicious & Refreshing Taste.
  • Attractive Color / Melting Flesh.
  • Highly seeded is the only demerit of this GOD gifted Fruit.
Farm Fresh Potato
Quality Criteria

The Commmercialisation of Pakistan Orinin Potatoes are respecting the most acceptable rules worldwide according to which basic quality criteria for export processing are assessed as Disease Free, Coloration, Firmness, Skin Maturity, Minimum Weight & Diameter, Packing Matefial Disinfested, Product Carrying Container Disinfected.


Harvesting Season starting from December - March every year. Availability round the year subject to availability of Good Quality Produce.


Potatoes of Pakistan Origin, Farm Fresh, Sorted, Cleaned, Unwashed/Washed, Pre-Cooled, Shelf Life 02 to 10 Months Approx. Storage Temperature maximum self life: +04 to +08 C Degree Celsius.


Net, Jute, Paper, PP Bags available in 5, 10, 20, 25 Kg Packing. Customers Customer desired Packing can also be arranged.

Pakistani Mango

King of Fruits Mango is one of the most popular and best fruits worldwide. Hundreds of varieties of Mangoes are known to exist with Pakistan. The most polular and comercial varieties all different in color, size, distinct flavour, tast and aroma are:

Sindhri Mango: Season Mid May to Mid July
Chaunsa Mango: Season July - September

Salient Characteristics
  • Leading Variety of Sindh & Punjab Province of Pakistan.
  • Flavour pleasantly aromatic and taste sweet.
  • Delicious & refreshing taste, Attractive Colour & Melting Flesh.
  • Fruit shape ovalish long, size,large, skin color lemon yellow when ripe.
  • Pulp color yellowish cadium, texture fine and firm fibreless, stone medium sized.

Onion is one of the inportant condiments widely used in all household all the year round. The green leaves and immature and mature bulbs are eaten raw or used in preparation of vegatables. Onions are used in soups, sauces and for seasoning foods. The small bulb one pickled in vinegar. Recent research has suggested that onion in the diet may play a part in preventing heat disease and other ailments. Onion bulb is rich in phosphorus, calcium and carbohydrates.

Season - Major areas of Pakistan
Sindh: October - January
Balochistan: June - September
KPK: February - May

Onions of Pakistan Origin, Pinkish Red, Farm Fresh, Sorted, Cleaned, Graded, Shelf Life 03 weeks ambiant temperature 02 Months in cold rooms.

Pickle Onion: 25mm - 38mm
Medium Onion: 45mm - 55mm
Large Onion: 55mm - 65mm

Net, Paper, PP Bags available in 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 Kg Packing. Customer Desired Packing can also be arranged.